Samuel Burri

Electrical Engineer

About Me

After receiving a MSc in Electrical and Electronical Engineering from EPFL in 2010 I joined AQUA in Summer 2010 in pursue of a PhD, awarded 2016 for the thesis titled ‘Challenges and Solutions to Next-Generation Single-Photon Imagers’. The work continues with the support of various collaborations using our group’s sensors and the system integration of more recent imagers.


Post-doctoral research with the AQUA group at TU Delft and EPFL

EPFL 2016 - Present

Development of a high-speed random number generator using SPADs as entropy source and integrated extractor. Continuation of my research on SPAD camera systems and support of camera users.

Doctoral studies in the AQUA group at EPFL

EPFL 2010 - 2016

Research on Single Photon Avalanche Diode Arrays (SPAD Arrays) and imagers in standard CMOS. Chip design and full system architecture (PCB, FPGA, software) for imaging systems based on SPADs. Thesis “Challenges and Solutions to Next-Generation Single-Photon Imagers” accepted without reserve.

Master (MSc) in electrical and electronic engineering

EPFL 2005 - 2010

Studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne. Bachelor (BSc) in three years including one year at Polytechnique Montréal, Canada; GPA: 5.06/6. Master (MSc) in two years with specialization in electronics and microelectronics; GPA: 5.57/6.

Main publications


EPFL - 2016


German - native

English - fluent

French - fluent


Electronic development
Chip design - Cadence - ModelsimPCB design - Kicad - Altium -EagleFPGA design - Xilinx ISE / Vivado - Altera (Intel) QuartusMicrocontroller - Atmel (Microchip)
3D printingArduinoRaspberry PiHome fabrication
Programming & Systems
C++ (Graphical, Qt) - C (microcontroller, real-time) - GitVHDL - Matlab / Octave - GnuplotLinux - Desktop and server administration


  • Computer Science
  • Home Automation - Smart Home
  • Energy efficiency - Renewables